Thread Lifts – Surgical Thread Lifting

This is the most sophisticated technology of thread lift, mold and revitalization that provides the desired result. A perfect contour of the face , slows down ageing and preserves youth.

L-lactic acid within the tissues stimulates the process of the biorevitalization providing kind of mesotherapy during the whole year.

Natural result

The thread lift of soft tissues is performed at a depth which eliminates the risk of damage of the nerve endings and the large vessels.

The thread lift technology uses caprolac (absorbable suture including L-lactic acid as one of the ingredients) or polypropylene (non-absorbable material used in medicine for over 50 years) threads.

Tailored solutions

Each type of threads used, has its advantages intended for the rejuvenation of one or several face, neck or body zones. The thread lift is recommended to the people who for some reason cannot resort to the conventional plastic surgery. Our professional medical staff at Estetika ensure the minimal recuperation time and unimpaired facial mobility.

Visible result

The procedure of a particular zone lasts for no more than 15 minutes and the whole face procedure takes about half an hour. First changes shall be seen right after the threading procedure is accomplished. In weeks the result reaches its peak.

Minimal injury

The surgical scalpel is substituted for threads and special design thin needles used to stitch soft tissues subcutaneously in the required position. This technique allows moving soft tissues making the respective zone look more beautiful.

Totally reasonable

This kind of lift is perfect for women and men who are used to active living, care about their health and do not want to spend time for a long recuperation after the procedure.

The technology is unique due to special threads with microirregularities and especially designed insertion techniques. Microirregularities throughout the length of the threads provide for their firm fixing inside the soft tissues.

Threads have been successfully applied by specialists like Estetika, in many countries.

Any age patients

This kind of thread makes true what seemed impossible earlier, any wrinkle on any skin, even very thin skin, may be smoothed out using an ultrathin absorbable thread. This is the most delicate of all minimally invasive techniques. It is very simple and the aesthetic result is immediate without any time for recuperation needed.

30+ patients

A breakthrough minimally traumatic face and body contouring technique with a slight lift effect using absorbable suture threads. Advanced thread structure and a special insertion technique through a single puncture by means of a special design blunt-ended cannula that separates tissues without injuring them provide for the minimum trauma. The technique is recommended for treating the first signs of ageing.

35+ patients

Biothread lift and mold technique uses absorbable threads to lift the soft tissues moving them, to mold the facial features and to contour the body. The threading material improves the skin firmness and quality.